About Petit & Me

Petit & Me, that’s about my little son and me.
And about all the other mothers and their little ones.
It symbolizes babywearing.

Right after my son was born I carried him all the time, in both wraps & carriers. By the time his online shopped carrier became too small, it was time for a new one. I decided to make one myself and that became my first sewing project ever.

I bought some scraps and I asked for some directions how to start, gave it a try and I managed to pull it off.  I made my first carrier and it made me so proud!

Some other friends saw the carrier and they asked me if I could make them one too. Then I started to think, maybe I could do this for a living..

Since I became a mother, I really understand what other mothers are looking for. I understand how special the moments are that you carry your baby. How special it is to feel comfortable, beautiful and capable of doing everything and going everywhere with your child. That understanding is sewn into my carriers. Each thoughtful detail.

With a lot of experience in converting wraps I am grateful for this amazing work I get to do, every day again.

There is so much variety in my work; I enjoy every single part. Unpacking the beautiful wraps that come my way, the personal contact with my customers. Assembling the carriers, packing them and getting photo’s as they are unboxed when they arrive home; happy mothers & happy childeren.

I couldn’t have made a better choice than to convert my passion into my profession.

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