Custom Carrier Experience

“It’s not just converting a wrap into a carrier, it is so much more than that.”

Petit & Me - Custom Carrier Experience

The custom carrier experience is a complete process; from choosing a wrap, deciding on all options, shipping the wrap to me, knowing it will be cut, seeing how it gets assembled and receiving pictures once it’s finished until the unboxing when it arrives back home.

I make you part of this complete process from beginning to the end, I don’t want you to just ship a wrap to me and get a carrier back. During this process I am available for all your questions, your remarks and to discuss all your wishes.

“It’s a wrapconversion with a personal touch.”

Because it’s not júst a wrap that becomes a carrier, it’s yóur precious wrap, with a lot of memories. It’s about childhood and motherhood, all woven into that fabric, becoming a carrier.

I put a lot of effort in our contact, answering all your questions and discussing all the options that are possible with your wrap. Petit & Me is known for being able to make carriers with very little fabric, so also if you only have a very small scrap, I always look for possibilities and measure a lot, to make a carrier with your precious piece. This part takes a lot of time, but it’s important, as the wrap is important to you.

“The personal custom carrier experience; involving the customer during the whole process.
That results in a carrier that suits their child, their body, everything.
 empowers mothers to go out and live, with their child, beautifully and comfortably.”

Take a look at all the Petit & Me carriers and start your custom carrier experience!

Petit & Me works with a waitinglist of approximately 3 months. To get on the waitinglist you have to buy a slot in the store.